First Law: Override now on WargameVault

Hi Overriders!

For the particularly astute among you, you may have seen that First Law: Override is now on WargameVault.

This is a website that is great for hosting wargame resources, including, but not limited to, rule books and other game aides. 

Moving forward we will be migrating all of our resources over to them as this allows us greater reach and also with a means to provide you all with faster updates.

For now, if you have not already, you can grab the rulebook here.

One Year On

Can you believe that this week sees the one year anniversary of

It seems crazy to me, but no, it’s true.

So what has happened in the past year? 

  • We got our book into a usable state! That’s something I am so amazingly proud of.
  • We attended our first event DaffCon.
  • We got our first Ghost!

So what is next?

Well things are looking quite interesting moving forward. 

We have signed up to run an introductory tournament at next year’s DaffCon, we’ve also got plans to push the book forward to the next stage. I’m currently wondering exactly where that stage is. Ideally it is creating original artwork for the front cover as well as interiors, and maybe, just maybe getting a special model made. Maybe a hacker with a deck. 

I’m dubious as to what is the best way forward with this. I’ll need to put some thought into it, and any advice would be great – especially after having it pointed out by the wife, I have certain home based duties where my money must go first. I’m thinking of the Kickstarter avenue, but I’m dubious if enough attention could be garnered to get required funding to THEN pay for art.

One option is getting a front cover image commissioned, but for that I am wondering about who/what to use as a poster boy?

In the meanwhile, I wanted to share the wonderful placeholder art created by my collaborator Tom:

These diagrams replace the older versions you may have seen and are now using 100% legal art!

Stay tuned for more as things develop!