Welcome to First Law: Override

First Law: Override is a campaign led Sci-Fi skirmish game using an Open-Source model system allowing you as a player to use your own models to represent units within our game set on the world of Honos located within the Outer Fringe, a far off region of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Gather experience, equip items, hack data nodes and become the strongest force on Honos.

The First Law: Override Team can be contacted at:
Twitter: @FLOverride
Richi: richi@firstlawoverride.com
Tom: tom@firstlawoverride.com

First Law: Override now on WargameVault

Hi Overriders!

For the particularly astute among you, you may have seen that First Law: Override is now on WargameVault.

This is a website that is great for hosting wargame resources, including, but not limited to, rule books and other game aides. 

Moving forward we will be migrating all of our resources over to them as this allows us greater reach and also with a means to provide you all with faster updates.

For now, if you have not already, you can grab the rulebook here.

One Year On

Can you believe that this week sees the one year anniversary of firstlawoverride.com?

It seems crazy to me, but no, it’s true.

So what has happened in the past year? 

  • We got our book into a usable state! That’s something I am so amazingly proud of.
  • We attended our first event DaffCon.
  • We got our first Ghost!

So what is next?

Well things are looking quite interesting moving forward. 

We have signed up to run an introductory tournament at next year’s DaffCon, we’ve also got plans to push the book forward to the next stage. I’m currently wondering exactly where that stage is. Ideally it is creating original artwork for the front cover as well as interiors, and maybe, just maybe getting a special model made. Maybe a hacker with a deck. 

I’m dubious as to what is the best way forward with this. I’ll need to put some thought into it, and any advice would be great – especially after having it pointed out by the wife, I have certain home based duties where my money must go first. I’m thinking of the Kickstarter avenue, but I’m dubious if enough attention could be garnered to get required funding to THEN pay for art.

One option is getting a front cover image commissioned, but for that I am wondering about who/what to use as a poster boy?

In the meanwhile, I wanted to share the wonderful placeholder art created by my collaborator Tom:

These diagrams replace the older versions you may have seen and are now using 100% legal art!

Stay tuned for more as things develop!

DaffCon 2017

Greetings Overriders!

Many of you will have had your first in person taste of this game at DaffCon 2016.

Well the gracious host Mike has announced DaffCon 2017, and we are hoping to ramp it up with a (small) introduction tournament. Something in the remit of 300Nt, so 3-4 models for each Force, meaning it’s easy for anyone to get involved in.

What do you say? Is this something you would be interested in? Dates for DaffCon are 11-13 August 2017.

Let us know in the comments!

– Richi

Pre-Release Books are in!

 Wow! What a long strange trip it’s been.

Last week saw the finalisation of the Pre-Release edition of the first book of First Law: Override, this was then sent off to our printer company who set about straight away turning our product from refined PDF into paper format.

Well yesterday this beauty arrived at my home so I took a few home pictures of it to get the ball rolling: 

 First and foremost is the books themselves. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that the paper was going to be 100gsm with a silk finish and at 93 sides, that would give us roughly 47 pages of paper. I was actually surprised by it’s thickness, and already was becoming enthralled with the level of detail captured in the printing process.

   Moving swiftly on, I opened the pages to this, the first page of First Law: Override complete with contact info and credits. Once again, the quality of the printing was better than I could have ever imagined.

Here it is: Law 1, placed right where it should be for all to see.

 And the pages of lore begin complete with pictures and details of time lines, locations, races. Everything needed in a few pages to understand the history of the game.  
 So also figured it was right to showcase some of the art we licenced out, and here we have one of the more contrast filled pieces. Once again as you can see, the printing has been perfect, where the art here just pops right out of the page!

For those unfamiliar, we are due to be making appearances at DaffCon on the 8th and 9th of April, after which I will be looking to put this copy in it’s complete form on something like Wargame Vault for ease of download. The Pre-Release edition will remain free to download, but if we are able to wrangle up interest in crowd funding, then we will be looking to produce an actual released copy which you’ll be able to obtain in a limited print run.

Hope you like this little preview at the book and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at DaffCon.

– Richi

Counters & Markers by Counter Attack Bases

Greetings Ghosts & Overriders!

As if from the very heart of an Anchorage Falls Manufactory comes Counters & Markers for First Law: Override by Counter Attack Bases.

Over the past week we have been in discussion with Counter Attack about producing these Counters & Markers to our rather demanding specifications. We required all items to be certain sizes, in certain colours, quantities and materials, and I really think that they have delivered as they turned up first thing Saturday!

To begin with we have the FoV Arc. For those familiar with Override, you will know that the facing of a model is extremely important. You can only fire within your forward arc and anything in your rear arc will provide bonuses to enemy melee attackers.

With the use of the FoV Arc a player can see at a quick glance where these different angles are in relation to their models.

In the same picture you will find the Focus Fire and Take Cover Quadrant Markers.

Because Override places certain states on your models we really wanted a quick and easy way of tracking this. We experimented with using the Force Roster, which while working did prove unwieldy. As you can see this Raider with Sniper Rifle has taken cover, focuses his fire and is ready to gun down anything within his forward arc. 


Which brings us onto our next unit; a Red Claw Kratel complete with two handed melee weapon.

This warrior is ready for action and has just used the Sprint Action giving him the Hard To Hit State, plus he is in an Offensive Stance. The question only remains: can he reach the sniper before being gunned down?

Speaking of being gunned down, here you see a Red Claw Kratel Hacker complete with Link-Bot.

The Hacker thought he had secured the objective by hacking a data point giving him the Data Carrier state, but he was no match for our eagle eyed sniper who has already put a bullet between his eyes placing him in the Down state and by proxy placing his Link-Bot in a Disabled state.

 Which brings us nicely into the Objectives themselves! Be them Random Deployables, POIs, Drop Points or Data Points! All of these are captured in beautiful neon-effect Perspex!

Like I mentioned before, we were worried that our certain specific requirements would cause problems but as you can see everything has come out wonderfully with perfectly shaped counters and crystal-cut engravings.

You can expect to see all of these counters (and more with hope) at DaffCon this April!

Richi P

Beta Rosters

So you may be having a look at the rules and you find yourself wondering:

How do I record my force stats and equipment?

Well the good First Law: Override team have you covered!

As of right now you can download print&play copies of blank rosters for both Stand Alone play as well as Campaign play! Both from our Downloads page!

So what are you waiting for?

As always comments and critique are welcome!

Ghost Project: Live!

That’s right Overriders! The Ghost Project is now live!

Do you enjoy First Law: Override?

Do you love to share that enjoyment with others?

Do you mind being used as slave labour?**

FANTASTIC! Why not apply to be a member of the First Law: Override Ghost Project?

**Disclaimer: No actual slave labour is being used by the First Law: Override team. Unless you count the Link-Bots